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Introducing Tradie Manager™- The Ultimate Program for Trade-Based Business Management!

About the program

Introducing Tradie Manager™ - The Ultimate Program for Trade-Based Business Management!

This comprehensive training program is designed to teach your qualified everything they need to know to effectively manage a trade-based business.

It's getting harder and harder to find good operations managers to run your business for you let alone great ones!

Perhaps you have the ideal candidate right under your nose?

The Tradie Manager™ program is here to help train an existing member of your team how to manage your business.

Do these sound familiar?

  • Sick of scrolling through adverts to find meaningful content on Facebook

  • Registered for multiple podcasts and you-tube channels to gain snippets of advice

  • Joined some programs but the group coaching content was very generic

Has it got to a point where you’ve just given up trying and gone back to focusing on doing the work?

Then the Tradie Manager™ is for you.

The Tradie Manager™ program includes:

Leadership and Communication

This subject area focuses on developing essential leadership skills and effective communication strategies for qualified tradespeople aspiring to become operations managers. It covers topics such as team management, decision-making, conflict resolution, motivating and inspiring employees, and fostering a positive work culture.

Financial Management

The financial management component of Tradie Manager equips tradespeople with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle the financial aspects of running a business. It covers budgeting, cash flow management, profit analysis, pricing strategies, and financial reporting. Participants learn to understand financial statements, make informed financial decisions, and implement effective financial controls to ensure the business's financial health and stability.


The Administration subject area focuses on the efficient management of day-to-day administrative tasks in a trade business. It covers areas such as time management, scheduling, resource allocation, record-keeping, inventory management, and procurement. Participants will learn strategies to streamline administrative processes, implement effective systems, and leverage technology to enhance productivity and organization within the business.


The Systems subject area is designed to help tradies develop a structured approach to managing the business operations. It covers topics such as workflow optimisation, process mapping, standard operating procedures, quality control, and project management. Participants will learn how to identify bottlenecks, implement efficient systems, monitor performance, and continuously improve processes to ensure smooth operations and deliver high-quality work to clients.

Unmatched knowledge on aspects of business expansion

Business Management

We focus on the skills necessary to run a business such as organising, planning and analysing the activities undertaken to reach the organisation’s goals.

Financial Management

Benchmarks, budgeting, performance management, cash flow management, cost analysis, funding.

Sales and Marketing

We focus on creating the sales and marketing strategies to generate and qualify leads, create meaningful messaging, and create guidelines and objectives geared to maximise sales


We focus on how to think and deliver effective communication to inspire others and ultimately to inspire you to become your best self.

And much more!

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Not sure if Tradie Manager™ is right for you?

Tradie Manager™️ is NOT for everyone, and we’d prefer to help you figure out if it’s not right for you

BEFORE you join rather than waste your time.

Who Tradie Manager™ is for

  • The Tradie Manager program is designed for qualified tradespeople who aspire to take on leadership roles within their trade businesses, specifically in operations management.

  • It is suitable for tradies who have a strong desire to learn and develop the necessary skills in leadership, communication, financial management, administration, and systems implementation.

  • This program is ideal for individuals who want to enhance their business acumen and effectively transition from being skilled tradies to successful business managers.

  • It caters to tradies who recognise the importance of efficient systems, streamlined processes, and effective communication in running a successful trade business.

  • The Tradie Manager program is suitable for tradies who are motivated to improve their business's financial performance, enhance productivity, and create a positive work environment.

Who Tradie Manager™ is NOT for

  • This program may not be suitable for tradies who have no interest in taking on management or leadership roles within their trade businesses.

  • It may not be the right fit for individuals who do not have a solid foundation in their trade and lack the necessary qualifications or experience in their respective fields.

  • The Tradie Manager program is not intended for those who are solely focused on the technical aspects of their trade and do not wish to delve into the business management side.

  • It may not be suitable for tradies who are unwilling to adapt to change, embrace new technologies, or implement structured systems and processes within their business.

  • This program is not for individuals who are not willing to invest time, effort, and resources into their professional development and growth as business managers.

We want you to be successful and will do everything in my power to support you on your journey

but I can’t do the work for you so if you are not 100% committed to this please DO NOT join.

Are you ready to for the journey ahead?

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful." Albert Schweitzer

Take your business to new heights with Tradie Manager™

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